The Cope Evans Project:

A Quaker Family in an Era of American Reform and Innovation, 1827-1910

What is the Cope Evans Project?

In the summer of 2014, three Haverford College students, Cormac Quinn Rada ('17), Brandon Smith ('16), and Andrew Kafker ('17), conducted archival research in the Cope Evans Family Papers for their digital project titled “The Cope Evans Project: A History of Quaker Networks During the Industrial Age.” Exploring the argument and themes of Philip S. Benjamin’s influential work The Philadelphia Quakers in the Industrial Age, 1865-1920 (1978), the students documented the numerous social, cultural, economic, and political changes that the Cope family, a prominent Quaker family in Philadelphia, faced during a period of rapid industrialization and urbanization in America.

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Letter Map Uses geographical data of each writer and recipient of the letter and plots it on a map to show the complete breadth of this extensive network.

Letter Bar Chart by Letter Subject- Uses texual analysis to shows the subjects of letters over each decade

Family Tree - A horizontally oriented representation of the Cope family tree.

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